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Soton Uni Colours Mixed - 2015/2016

Player NameAppearances
Baker, Sam7
Birks, Frederick2
Brewster, Faye1
Broadbent, Philippa8
Garrison, Ashley3
Liu, Rena10
Penn, Andrew6
Phillips, Luke2
Pilkington, Ross2
Pittson, Georgia9
Walker, Caleb8
Young, Jessica2

Soton Uni Colours 1 Mens - 2015/2016

Player NameAppearances
Ale, Sudeep1
Baker, Sam6
Bamforth, Toby2
Birks, Frederick9
Garrison, Ashley4
Hung, Alex1
Ivall, Tom2
Lam, Vincent2
Penn, Andrew3
Phillips, Luke4
Pilkington, Ross9
Premkamol, Maiyasit10
Walker, Caleb7

Soton Uni Colours 2 Mens - 2015/2016

Player NameAppearances
Ale, Sudeep3
Bamforth, Toby4
Chan, River3
Chan, Vincent7
Chen, Nicholas5
Garrison, Ashley8
Hung, Alex6
Ivall, Tom5
Lam, Vincent4
Masood, Maaz6
Phillips, Luke7
Winstanley-Punch, Jack1

Soton Uni Colours Ladies - 2015/2016

Player NameAppearances
Brant, Sophie4
Brewster, Faye5
Brims, Cara4
Broadbent, Philippa4
Firth, Rebecca1
Liu, Rena4
Pittson, Georgia3
Richards, Bethany1
Wangsuntharaporn, Pinyada1
Young, Jessica5


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