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Mixed Division 1 - 2015/2016

Top Flight 1 Mixed10901751593
Caer Gwent 1 Mixed10703504064
Wildern Mixed10505424852
Top Flight 2 Mixed10406375345
Notorious JT Mixed10307345640
J9 1 Mixed10208325836

Mixed Division 2A - 2015/2016

Falcon Mixed101000692189
Chandlers Ford 2 Mixed10703573371
Caer Gwent 3 Mixed10604563468
BGB Southampton Mixed10406345642
University Eagles Mixed10307365442
Andover Mixed100010187218

Mixed Division 2B - 2015/2016

Westgate Mixed101000819101
Soton Uni Colours Mixed10802711987
Chandlers Ford 1 Mixed10505414951
Caer Gwent 2 Mixed10406414949
MatchPoint 1 Mixed10208216925
Brookfield Mixed10109157517

Mens Division 1 - 2015/2016

Westgate Mens101000741694
Wildern Mens10703612975
Soton Uni Colours 1 Mens10604593171
Notorious JT 1 Mens10406434751
J9 Mens10208266430
Top Flight Mens101097839

Ladies Division 1 - 2015/2016

Nomads Ladies10901662484
Top Flight Ladies10604573369
Phoenix Ladies10604563468
Highbury MacKenzie Ladies10505444654
MatchPoint Ladies10307246630
Falcon Ladies10109236725

Ladies Division 2 - 2015/2016

Enigma Ladies8602472559
Winchester Ladies8503432953
Soton Uni Colours Ladies8503413151
Four Marks Ladies8305333939
University Eagles Ladies8107165618

Mens Division 2B - 2015/2016

Highbury MacKenzie 1 Mens10901632781
Soton Uni Colours 2 Mens10703612975
Notorious JT 2 Mens10505504060
Andover Mens10505494159
Falcon Mens10208266430
Solent Eagles 1 Mens10208216925

Mens Division 2A - 2015/2016

Portsmouth College Mens10901741692
University Eagles Mens10703573371
Caer Gwent Mens10604593171
Butts Ash Mens10604424854
Notorious JT 3 Mens10208256529
Chandlers Ford Mens100010137713

Mens Division 3B - 2015/2016

Winchester Mens10901791197
University Eagles 2 Mens10703593173
Solent Eagles 2 Mens10505504060
Fleming Park Mens10406335741
Oaklands Mens10307266432
Fair Oak Mens10208236727

Mens Division 3A - 2015/2016

Portsmouth College 2 Mens660050462
Brookfield Mens6303272733
J9 2 Mens6303252931
MatchPoint Mens60066486
BGB Southampton Mens #0000000

# Defaulted  

Mixed Division 3B - 2015/2016

Fleming Park Mixed8701561670
Fair Oak Mixed8602413153
Falcon 2 Mixed8503363646
Bishops Waltham 1 Mixed8206274531
MatchPoint 2 Mixed8008205220

Mixed Division 3A - 2015/2016

Solent Eagles Mixed8800541870
Winchester Mixed8503492359
Top Flight 3 Mixed8503452755
David Lloyd Leisure Mixed8206274531
Saint George's Mixed80085675


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