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Open Division 1 - 2016/2017

Westgate Mens101000791199
Portsmouth College Mens10505543664
Wildern Mens10604484260
Soton Uni Colours 1 Open10604474359
Notorious JT 1 Mens10307306036
Highbury MacKenzie 1 Open100010127812

Ladies Division 1 - 2016/2017

Nomads Ladies8701541868
Top Flight Ladies8602432955
Phoenix Ladies8404413149
MatchPoint Ladies8206234927
Enigma Ladies8107195321

Mixed Division 1 - 2016/2017

Westgate Mixed101000846104
Top Flight 1 Mixed10802702086
Top Flight 2 Mixed10505385246
Caer Gwent Mixed10406365444
Wildern Mixed10307286234
Falcon Mixed100010147614

Mixed Division 2 - 2016/2017

Soton Uni Colours Mixed10901751593
Chandlers Ford 1 Mixed10703603074
Notorious JT Mixed10703583272
Caer Gwent 3 Mixed10307315937
BGB Southampton Mixed10307266432
Solent Eagles Mixed10109207022

Mixed Division 2B - 2016/2017

J9 Mixed101000751593
MatchPoint 1 Mixed10703504064
Chandlers Ford 2 Mixed10604484260
Fleming Park Mixed10406365444
Caer Gwent 2 Mixed10307365442
University Eagles Mixed100010256525

Ladies Division 2 - 2016/2017

Soton Uni Colours Ladies6501371747
Winchester Ladies6402302438
Four Marks Ladies6303322236
University Eagles Ladies60069459

Mens Division 2B - 2016/2017

J9 Open10901702084
Caer Gwent Mens10604523864
Portsmouth College 2 Mens10505474357
Notorious JT 2 Mens10307375343
Andover Mens10406345642
Falcon Mens10307306034

Mens Division 2A - 2016/2017

Soton Uni Colours 2 Open101000771397
University Eagles Open10604533765
Butts Ash Open10604513963
Winchester Mens10505464456
Top Flight Open10307306036
Notorious JT 3 Mens100010137713

Mens Division 3B - 2016/2017

Brookfield Open8602492359
J9 2 Mens8602432955
Solent Eagles 1 Mens8404343842
BGB Southampton Open8305333939
University Eagles 2 Mens8107215123
Fair Oak Mens #0000000

# Defaulted  

Mens Division 3A - 2016/2017

Solent Eagles 2 Mens101000702090
Chandlers Ford Mens10802672383
David Lloyd Leisure Mens10406385246
Fleming Park Mens10406335741
Oaklands Mens10208325836
MatchPoint Mens10208306032

Mixed Division 3B - 2016/2017

Portsmouth College Mixed101000819101
Brookfield Mixed10703603074
Winchester Mixed10703533767
Falcon 2 Mixed10406355543
Fair Oak Mixed10208226826
IBM Hursley Mixed100010197119

Mixed Division 3A - 2016/2017

Top Flight 3 Mixed10901672385
Andover Mixed10802642678
Bishops Waltham 1 Mixed10406523860
Saxons Mixed10604405052
David Lloyd Leisure Mixed10208355537
Saint George's Mixed10109127812


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