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Ladies Division 1 - 2018/2019

Nomads Ladies10901682286
Soton Uni Colours Ladies10802682284
Phoenix Ladies10703622876
Top Flight Ladies10406464454
Solent Eagles Ladies10208216925
Winchester Ladies1000105855

Mixed Division 3 - 2018/2019

J9 2 Mixed1212008721111
Bishops Waltham 1 Mixed12903773195
Andover Mixed12903763294
Top Flight 3 Mixed12606575169
MatchPoint 2 Mixed12408565264
Bishops Waltham 2 Mixed122010228626
David Lloyd Leisure Mixed12001231053

Mixed Division 1 - 2018/2019

Soton Uni Colours Mixed8701512165
Notorious JT Mixed8503541864
Portsmouth College Mixed8503353745
Top Flight 1 Mixed8305264632
Caer Gwent Mixed8008145814
Westgate Mixed #0000000

# Defaulted  

Mixed Division 2 - 2018/2019

Chandlers Ford 1 Mixed1211018919111
Wildern Mixed121002743494
J9 Mixed12705693983
MatchPoint Mixed12705614775
Brookfield Mixed12408406848
University Eagles Mixed12309377143
Falcon 2 Mixed12001281008

Mixed Division 2B - 2018/2019

Solent Eagles Mixed12903812797
Top Flight 2 Mixed12804634579
Chandlers Ford 2 Mixed12804614777
Falcon Mixed12606545466
Caer Gwent 2 Mixed12606535565
BGB Southampton Mixed12507535563
Winchester Mixed120012139513

Mens Division 1 - 2018/2019

Highbury MacKenzie 1 Mens *8800512165
Soton Uni Colours 1 Mens8503482458
Notorious JT 1 Mens8404333939
Wildern Mens8206254729
Portsmouth College Mens8107234925
Westgate Mens #0000000

* Penalty Points Deducted  # Defaulted  

Mens Division 2 - 2018/2019

J9 Mens10901692187
Solent Eagles 1 Mens10604484260
Soton Uni Colours 2 Mens10505504060
Butts Ash Mens10604464458
Top Flight Mens 110406385246
BGB Southampton Mens100010197119

Mens Division 3 - 2018/2019

Notorious JT 2 Mens1212009810120
University Eagles Mens1210028325103
Solent Eagles 2 Mens12804604876
Fleming Park Mens12507416751
Brookfield Mens12408426650
Falcon Mens12309377143
David Lloyd Leisure Mens120012179117


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