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Mixed Division 1 - 2018/2019

Soton Uni Colours Mixed8701512165
Notorious JT Mixed7403432051
Portsmouth College Mixed7502352845
Top Flight 1 Mixed7403323140
Caer Gwent 1 Mixed7007115211
Westgate Mixed *40048286

* Penalty Points Deducted  

Mixed Division 2A - 2018/2019

Wildern Mixed8701522066
Chandlers Ford 1 Mixed660049561
J9 1 Mixed7403412249
MatchPoint 1 Mixed6303292535
University Eagles Mixed6204183622
Brookfield Mixed5104113413
Falcon 2 Mixed80087657

Mixed Division 2B - 2018/2019

Top Flight 2 Mixed10703513965
Solent Eagles Mixed7502471657
Caer Gwent 2 Mixed8503383448
Falcon 1 Mixed8404363644
Chandlers Ford 2 Mixed7403333041
BGB Southampton Mixed7205283532
Winchester Mixed7007105310

Mixed Division 3 - 2018/2019

Bishops Waltham 1 Mixed7601511263
Andover Mixed8602482460
J9 2 Mixed6600441056
MatchPoint 2 Mixed9306443750
Top Flight 3 Mixed6402322240
Bishops Waltham 2 Mixed8107145816
David Lloyd Leisure Mixed80081711

Mens Division 1 - 2018/2019

Highbury MacKenzie Mens *7700422154
Soton Uni Colours 1 Mens6402381646
Notorious JT 1 Mens6303252929
Wildern Mens6204252927
Portsmouth College Mens5104192621
Westgate Mens *6105134113

* Penalty Points Deducted  

Mens Division 2 - 2018/2019

J9 Mens7601471659
Solent Eagles 1 Mens7502372647
Soton Uni Colours 2 Mens8404383446
Top Flight Mens9405374445
Butts Ash Mens5203202524
BGB Southampton Mens6006104410

Mens Division 3 - 2018/2019

Notorious JT 2 Mens880065779
University Eagles Mens8800621078
Solent Eagles 2 Mens10604464458
Brookfield Mens9405354643
Fleming Park Mens8404353743
Falcon Mens11308376243
David Lloyd Leisure Mens120012179117

Ladies Division 1 - 2018/2019

Soton Uni Colours Ladies770055869
Top Flight Ladies6402351943
Nomads Ladies5401331241
Phoenix Ladies4202231327
Solent Eagles Ladies7205204324
Winchester Ladies90095765


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